Established in 1971.

About Us

Hundmade Noodle

Guarantee taste best for 2 month.
We proudly made the noodle with less salt by the flour from Shinshu by the way Traditional technic to mix water and flour thruuout without facing oxizion. Keep refrigerated since we only apply alcohol disinfection not to use artificial priservative.

Handmade Miso

We proudly use our handmade Miso which is aged for three years.The full flavor miso made with carefully selected soy bean, rice yeast, barley yeast and “Mori to Suisho no Shizuku” the local branded natural mineral water .

Soup(Dipping soup for cold noodle / Soup for worm noodle)

We proudly make the noodle soup with WARI and KAESHI from “Mori to Suisho no Shizuku” the local branded natural mineral water .WARI is cooked 40 min. with Soda-Gatsuo with the water which overnight dipped with Hidaka-Konbu

Established in 1971.

On June 1971, We opened “Irori-Yaski SAWARABI” the original restaurant served 800 guests was located by the Nagatoro-Bashi of Shosenkyo-Guchi.Current location “SAWRABI” was opened June 1988, where is located by Shosenkyo Greenline parking area.Upcoming January 2016, we proudly start circulation bus service during SHOSENKYO valley with 4 buses.

Best 100 Local restaurant

Selected annual Best 100 Local restaurant award every 25 year.

YAMANASHI OMOTENASHI Best 100 restaurant

Won YAMANASHI OMOTENAHI Best 100 restaurant “Yamanashi-Ken Tourism Organization selects”

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